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Pre-Session Lotion
INKMD™ Pre-Session Lotion

Designed to hydrate and prepare your skin before tattooing, our lidocaine-free Pre-Session Lotion features a naturally occurring anesthetic to reduce stinging and prepare your skin for fresh ink.
Use Instructions: Apply a thin layer to the area 20 minutes before tattooing.

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Wash Splash 1
INKMD™ Post-Session Wash

Formulated specifically for fresh tattoos, the InkMD Post-Session Wash gently removes potentially harmful debris without causing unnecessary irritation or delaying the healing process.
Use Instructions:  Using your hands, gently wash the tattooed skin twice daily for the 2 weeks after each session.

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Post-Session Ointment
INKMD™ Post-Session Ointment

Backed by evidence-based medical principles used in dermatology practice today, the InkMD Post-Session Ointment creates the optimal wound-healing environment so that ink is not unnecessarily lost during healing.  This product also features plant-based stem cell technology to further improve healing  Why should you care? Better healing means more ink in the skin and better tattoo outcomes.
Use Instructions:  After washing, pat dry and apply a thin layer twice daily for the 2 weeks following each session.

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Post-Session SPF 30 Sunscreen
INKMD™ Post-Session SPF 30 Sunscreen

Many other sunscreens contain ingredients that can permanently discolor your tattoo!  Trust us, our dermatologist has seen it happen!  Avoid this mistake with InkMD Post-Session SPF 30 Sunscreen.
Use Instructions:  Apply every 2 hours while in direct sunlight for at least 2 weeks following your session.

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Kit Classy
INKMD™ Tattoo Kit

InkMD kits were designed to have everything you need to prepare, cleanse, and protect your fresh ink before, during, and after your tattoo sessions.  Each of the four dermatologist-crafted products work together to promote healing and ink retention.  This leads to better linework integrity, shading definition, color vibrancy, and longevity so that your masterpiece can look its best for a lifetime. After all, better healing = better results. Period.

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kit splash
INKMD™ Tattoo Kit – Bulk

Generate revenue for your studio by offering your clients the best in tattoo care.
Order quantities of 12, 24, 48, and 96 kits.


Every INKMD Kit Includes:
4 products designed to protect your artwork.


Prepares your skin by hydrating and anesthetizing it before your session.

Post-Session Wash

A gentle cleanser designed for fresh tattoos.

Post-Session Ointment

A permeable, occlusive barrier featuring plant-based stem cells to improve wound healing.

Post-Session Sunscreen

Broad-spectrum SPF that will not distort tattoo pigment.

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